EIKEN testing at LIFE Jr. College on Saturday, October 9th. Sign-up now! 

EIKEN testing at LIFE Jr. College on Saturday, October 9th. Sign-up now! 

The deadline to sign-up for the EIKEN testing in October is Friday, September 3rd. To sign-up for EIKEN testing in October, LIFE Jr. College students must appear in person to properly complete the sign-up form. LIFE Jr. College students should be advised that they may cancel their application for EIKEN test and receive a refund no later than September 3rd. 

Because of coronavirus preventive measures, EIKEN 4th Grade and 5th Grade will not be administered at LIFE Jr. College in October. However, LIFE Jr. College students will still be able to take the following EIKEN tests:

  • 2nd Grade
  • Pre-2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade

EIKEN testing times will be as follows on Saturday, October 9th: 

  • EIKEN 2nd Grade: 13:20-15:55 (Room 4F)
  • EIKEN Pre-2nd Grade: 9:20-11:45 (Room 4F)
  • EIKEN 3rd Grade: 13:20-15:25 (Room 302)

Also, to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, only a limited number of seats will be available as follow:

  • EIKEN 2nd Grade: 22 seats
  • EIKEN Pre-2nd Grade: 22 seats
  • EIKEN 3rd Grade: 16 seats

If you have any questions regarding EIKEN testing at LIFE Jr. College, please meet with a member of the English Department at LIFE Jr. College. 

LIFE Jr. College is firmly committed to protecting its students, faculty, staff, and administers. For additional information regarding the preventive measures to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus, please refer this webpage here. Or, if you would prefer, please call the LIFE Jr. College office by dialing 098-687-2811. The LIFE Jr. College is open Monday through Friday (closed on national holidays) 9 AM to 5 PM. 

EIKEN is a series of English language proficiency tests separated into seven different levels. EIKEN is the most widely administered and recognized English language proficiency test in Japan and is support by the Ministry of Education in Japan. 

People who are interested in truly improved their English language ability should consider studying fulltime at LIFE Jr. College.  LIFE Jr. College is conveniently located in Naha City – the capital of Okinawa Prefecture. The campus is a short walk from Naha Bus Terminal and Asahibashi Monorail Station. 


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